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Delicious but odd

Because “addicted” to sorbisar during a recent trip to Norway. Was delighted to find a retailer selling the candy in the U.S. I only ate one brand of this candy while abroad so I have little to compare this brand to. The flavor is delicious. However, some individual candies are very firm and others less so, so it seems (to this uneducated palate) that some of the candy is less fresh. Since I’ve got a lot of dental crowns, I’m having to be cautious while eating the rubbery pieces. Not a big deal but puzzling. Overall, a tasty and enjoyable treat.

Sour Candy Giddy Style
Jessica Ramos

Best sour gummies!!

Sour Gummy Bears
william hart


Gummy Club
Theresa Beaumont
Giddy is Great!

The subscription monthly model is so easy and fun way to surprise your teams, friends and family!

Gummy Club
Elizabeth D.
Excellent gummies!

Great gummies! They’re delicious and unique. The packaging is great and feels personalized. I bought it as a gift subscription for my husband, he’s thrilled every month.

Gummy Club
I look forward to each box!

It's so much fun seeing what flavors the next month's box brings me.

Birthday Guy Loved Them!

These were a birthday gift but the Birthday Guy said he loved them, he appreciated the hand-done packaging and I made his birthday good and he usually hates his birthday. Well done, me and Giddy Gummies!

Gummy Club - Old
Elsie M
The best club, ever!

I love being in the gummy club. The quality and flavors are amazing and perfect for enjoying while at the movie theater.

great texture and sour level- suuuuper tasty!

mouth watering treat

Awesome mix of my 3 top flavors! The texture and sour pucker is perfect. I have to pace myself- I could easily eat an entire bag in one sitting.

Gummy Club - Old
Elizabeth D.

Delicious gummies! Can’t wait for the next month. I also loved that they come in a resealable package.

Sour Candy Giddy Style
Anastasia Fullerton
Giddy = joy, fun, fresh, flavor

Giddy was my weekly Sunday pilgrimage when I lived in San Francisco. The sunlit room filled with delicious, fun, unique, new treats made my week. Mary and team are incredibly knowledgable and kind.

Sadly, I no longer live in SF but whenever I'm back in the Bay I always make a stop at Giddy.

Best gummy bears ever

All of their candy is great, but these are the best chocolate covered gummy bears you will ever eat.

Best candy out there

I think this is my favorite candy ever! I love the sour with the black licorice flavor! Also Giddy candy company is the best, they ship your candy fast and it’s always fresh!

Review on Sour Peach Lips

They were very good and actually sour! I ordered because I saw them on tiktok and they came very fast and in perfect condition! Would order again.

luv'em !

i'm hooked .. trying not to devour them !

Highly recommend!

Quick shipping! The candy was so fresh and delicious.

Delicious Fast Delivery

Was more than pleased with my order! Shipping was super quick, and there was even a cute little hand written note inside of the package! Can not wait to order again🩷