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The Top Candy Store in San Francisco

The Best Chocolate And Candy Stores In San Francisco

Here, you will find a wide array of candies from both local and global producers, including both rare specialty items and nostalgic goodies that will make you feel like a kid again. In addition to the candies in store, Giddy offers personalized candy arrangements for occasions like weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. Plus, the shop will cater to businesses for a variety of corporate events, conferences, company gifts, and more.

Best Loved Candy Stores in San Francisco

Open just shy of two years, the spirit of Willy Wonka is alive and well in the Castro. (In a nod to the fictional sweets-peddler, there's even a candy mosaic portrait that hangs on the wall of the pint-size Market Street shop.) Don't let the shop's tiny footprint fool you. Along with a collection of specialty sweets from around the globe, Giddy boasts a fantastic assortment of unique seasonal goodies.

Best of San Francisco

Sweet babyjesus, we are addicted to Giddy Candy, a shop the size of a chocolate bar stocked with gummies, crunchies, and chews as rainbow-hued as its Castro surrounds. There’s no pretense here, just a throwback to the days when all we needed were giant glass apothecary jars filled with sugar to make us happy. Editor’s pick: We the teeny-tiny but ever-so-spicy cinnamon bears in our desk drawer in case of emergency. —C.H.H

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It's a cute new little candy shop in the Castro that features a bunch of nice local and/or artisanal chocolate products that yourfoodinistaboyfriend/girlfriend will likely be thrilled by. There's also plenty of other stuff, like pate de fruits, malted milk balls, and hard candy, and prices aren't bad either.

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One late afternoon, as we wandered down Market Street on the way to Hecho, we came upon Giddy Candy and went positively gaga. The bon-bon-sized shop has no website which, in a way, is kind of perfect: This little place feels like a throwback to the days when we got more buzzed from staring slack-jawed at shelves brimming with sugary, colorful confections than we do from the Facebook alerts on our iPhones. Listen up, cinnamon bear fans: This is your mecca.

Giddy Candy Co. Opens

As for the name, Mary says it came from a favorite family story involving her sister. "My mother was making candy in the kitchen one day, and my sister was little and she came in and was watching my mother and just said, 'I'm so giddy!' talking about how excited she was for the candy to be done. And my mother just laughed at that. So, it stuck."

Giddy Candy Company Is Now Satisfying the Castro's Sweet Tooth

Homemade confections and hard-to-find specialty candy.