Valentine's Day




Read what they have to say about our candy and customer service.




"What great selection of candy! Truly a neighborhood candy store. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They are even willing to find rare candy for customers."


5.0 star rating



"Oh my God, this place is heaven! It's like going back in a time machine, to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! Anything you could ever want in the realm of candy. They have an incredible sugar free options. You can buy a little candy or a lot of candy! I always come here when I come to San Francisco.
Woman owned business is a plus!"



5.0 star rating




"Just as the store name reads, I felt as "giddy" as a kid in a candy store. I love that Giddy offers an array of speciality quality local and international chocolates, licorice, gummies and unique candies. Props to the owner that was present and knowledgeable of the inventory.

I was so excited I ordered a locally made bag of dark chocolate sea salt caramel popcorn, strawberry licorice from Holland, and dark Belgium chocolate with mint leaves. If you're expecting to find typical candies, go elsewhere."



5.0 star rating




"This is a cool candy store with a pretty large variety of candy. They have a lot of the standard staples and also some unique candies that I haven't seen anywhere else. What was really cool is that they had taffy from NJ which I had to try. It was good and fresh which made my day!."



5.0 star rating




"They had me with the Bing  Cherry gummy bears. I also stocked up on Bit-o-Honey bars, violet pastilles, an oversized Lollipop and so much more. Highly recommended for the kid within!"